DJ Trent's Reality Klub

Feb 21

HIGH CONTRAST - THE ROAD GOES ON FOREVER / High Contrast has very quickly become one of my very very favorite music guys in the whole world, and his label Hospital Records has very quickly become one of my very favorite things in the entire universe. It has always been hard for me to directly express the ecstasy (doink) one simple, gentle raver experiences through music in a non-disgusting way, and most of the people involved in Hospital do it every day for a living! Can you imagine such a job? Like all real real clever artists in 2012 they have also figured out a way to make shitloads of money off of their releases through a tightly-woven ecosystem: unmissable weekly podcasts, a breathtakingly-paced release schedule (that seems to be 100% leak-proof), endlessly fascinating/sold out/independently-wrought parties, and most importantly, a refreshingly simple take on what music should be in peoples’ lives: a constantly powerful force for fun and emotional workout. If this is what it’s like inside the hospital I don’t wanna be well! Make sure to check out some sick early remixes from High Contrast of Missy Elliott, White Stripes, Kanye, and especially his very cute “drum n’ bass / surf” remix of M.I.A.’s “Born Free.”