DJ Trent's Reality Klub

Feb 18

KATY PERRY - LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (T.G.I.F.) - JOHN MONKMAN & JOHNSON SOMERSET REMIX / Did you know that my favorite genre of music is “remix?” I have known it, inside, for a long time, but never fully acknowledged it to myself, especially to Tumbler, until I heard this song. Remixes are important. Remixes bring a song to you many months or even years after you originally knelt at its altar in a form that comes at you subtly (if it’s done well). Sometimes, there’s no hint of the original at the genesis of the remix, and as you detect familiarity mixed in slowly over the course of a few bars, your heart starts to melt and your eyes get blurry but you are not sure why. It’s like you have tasted the slightest hint of Purr in the air but you don’t even know what Purr is. Then, as a pre-verb of blissful proportions brings itself into aural view, a smile comes to your brain, and then…only then, after the brain smile…do you realize what is going on, and you fall in love all over again, and that is what music is for, and that is why remix is my favorite genre of music: it lets you do it again.